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Joanne McNamara
Registered Massage Therapist

Joanne is owner and operater of
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I am a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), which means that I have completed a 3,000 hour training program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Victoria, British Columbia.

Qualification for the RMT designation is an involved process.  Upon graduation from the Massage Therapy program, students must sit two days of board exams.  The written examination is a comprehensive 3-part exam.  Upon successful completion of the written exam, the last step in the examination process is the oral-practical exam.  The exams are set by the College of Massage Therapist’s of British Columbia (CMTBC), the regulatory body, governed by the Health Professionals Act of British Columbia.

The academic side of the course is exhaustive, comprising everything from basic anatomy to the how the body works on a microscopic, biochemistry level. This knowledge is what differentiates the BC massage therapy program from most other massage therapy courses.

While attending school, through our clinic practicum, I gained specific experience working with the following:

• Fibromyalgia

• Multiple Sclerosis

• Parkinson’s Disease

• Pregnancy

• Rheumatoid Arthritis

• Elderly, working with the residents at:

Beacon Hill Villa Residential Care Facility

Luther Court Extended Care Facility

Mount St. Mary’s Extended Care Facility

In addition, I volunteered at several sporting events around Victoria:

• Canadian Women’s National Championship Rugby Tournament

Victoria Dragon Boat Festival

HBC Run for Canada

Salmon Kings Hockey Team

Bastion Square Cycling Grand Prix

24-Hour Easter Seal Relay

Upon completion of my graduation from WCCMT in December 2005, I have been employed at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Spa and Resort in Victoria, and at the Yellow Point Lodge in Ladysmith.

Opening JEM Massage Therapy – my own clinic – is a dream finally realized.


Fascial Manipulation (FM) Diploma Course

November 22-27, 2012


Antonio Stecco, MD, Ospedale Civile, Padova, Italy. Dr. Stecco is a medical doctor, researcher, author and son of Luigi Stecco, the Italian physiotherapist who developed this method of assessment and treatment. Dr. Stecco spoke at the 2009 Fascia Research Congress in Amsterdam.

Julie Ann Day, PT, now lives in Padova, Italy. Ms. Day works mostly in the Orthopedic field and specializes in connective tissue massage. She has a background in therapeutic exercise. Ms. Day has been involved in Fascial Manipulation since 1999 and presented a workshop at the Fascia Research Congress in Amsterdam.

The Therapist will learn to evaluate musculoskeletal dysfunctions with specific reference to the human fascial system, and to apply the Fascial Manipulation method as taught by Luigi Stecco, PT.

Lectures will include:

• The anatomy and physiology of the fascial system.

• An explanation of the biomechanical model used in application of this technique.

• The anatomical localization of key fascial points.

Emphasis is placed on the evaluation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions (from history taking, to a hypothesis, to a verification and treatment) together with a methodology and strategy for treatment.


The Fascia, Its Structure and Function

The Pelvis with Mark Finch

March 5th and 6th, 2011

The Fascia, Its Structure and Function

Fascial tissue is becoming more precisely understood as the science in the field progresses.  Exciting new information about fascia helps build a new perspective of manual treatment.

In these workshops, the clinician is given the basic knowledge to understand fascia and integrate this perspective into their own treatments.

Workshops teach:

• Recent and significant scientific findings in the world of fascia

• Understand how a fascial approach integrates into the clinical picture

• Assess, palpate, and treat key fascial structures.

The Pelvic Girdle Workshop specifically focuses on:

• Treating the pelvis from a fascial perspective.


Anatomy Trains Manual Therapy with Mark Finch

February 12th and 13th, 2011

The Anatomy Trains weekend is designed to give the clinician a new perspective on the concepts of myofascial anatomy and to expand their comprehension of the clients’ posture and movement.  It is a new way of analyzing soft-tissue patterns, and to develop a strategy for unwinding these patterns versus fascial and myofascial work.  In addition, the course offers a language to clinicians so that they can see their client’s more clearly, and to communicate to colleagues and clients alike, how the neuro-myofascial web is configured by their “acture” (posture in action).

The clinician will learn:

• Compensatory strain patterns that lead to pain syndromes

• Concepts designed to help the clinician look beyond the “cause and effect” actions of muscles to the integrative relational connections of real-life functional movement

• “Bodyread” the client’s postural and movement patterns with greater accuracy and integration

• Access to effective treatment strategies that may occur some distance from the site of pain or limitation

• To help make distinct changes in your clients’ structure in a few short moves.


Introduction to Osteopathic Techniques, Part One – Ann Sleeper Course:

October 23rd and 24th, 2010

Simple but profound osteopathic concepts applicable to any technique you now use.  The course includes basic and easy osteopathic joint release for the spine, pelvis, and thoracic cage, as well as rocking techniques for lymph drainage and paraspinal muscle release.


Infant Massage Teacher Certification – Liddlekidz:

A CIMT™ is not only an instructor, but also an educator who teaches the art of infant massage to parents or caregivers in the presence of their babies.

The Liddle Kidz™ Foundation Certified Infant Massage Teacher Training teaches the clinician:

• The history and global use of infant massage as a parenting practice Infant massage techniques and methodology

• Benefits for both infants and caregivers

• Current research and the importance of communication and attachment in building healthy emotional relationships

• Discuss working with babies born prematurely and infants with special • needs

• Discuss considerations for providing classes to teenage parents; families with varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds; extended families; step-families; grandparents raising children; adoptive families; gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) parents.

May 2008

Attended a 2-day "Breast Massage" course taught by authors, instructors and practioners, Debra Curties, RMT and Pam Fitch.  This course teaches the therapist the knowledge, techniques, and therapeutic relationship skills required to perform breast massage professionally and effectively.  Clinical applications include:  "well breast massage," breast massage during pregnancy, clinical implications of benign and malignant conditions, scar work, and an overview of common breast surgical procedures.

February 2008

Attended 1 day course taught by Scott Larke, RMT.  The "Integrated Assessment and Treatment Principals for the Upper Limb" covered the assessment and treatment of both the shoulder and clavicle using a combination of Orthopaedic Assessment techniques, Muscle Energy techniques, Facilitated Release, Trigger Point and soft tissue release, and Therapeutic Exercises for the upper limb.

November 2007

Attended a 2-day replay of the first international "Fascial Research Congress - Basic Science and Implications for Conventional and Complementary Health Care."  This conference was the first international conference dedicated to fascia, its forms, and its functions.  Panel discussions were viewed, and a panel for scientist-clinician international and formulation of future research directions were viewed.

July 1 - 7, 2007

Travelled and worked with the athletes of the BC Bike Race.

July 2007

Joanne opened JEM Massage Therapy in Ladysmith, British Columbia.


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