I have known Joanne for quite a few years now.  First as a very competent receptionist for the Ministry of Environment. Then, as one of her “guinea pig” clients while she was attending the West Coast College of Message Therapy in Victoria. Now, even though she insists on living in the lovely town of Chemainus and running her practice from Ladysmith.

– I am a die hard client – she is stuck with me for life!

On a more serious note, Joanne is a very competent, thorough and considerate RMT.  She listens to my concerns very carefully and does her utmost to ensure that my treatments will help to alieve some of the stress in my life. I usually feel like a new person after my two hour session with Joanne!

- Deborah D.


I am a recreational runner and I first met Joanne when I hobbled into the massage tent where she was a volunteer at the conclusion of an HBC run for Canada a few years ago. She treated me for about 15 minutes on that occasion and when she was done I knew I had to have further treatments with her. At a subsequent appointment Joanne did a very thorough assessment of me and we formulated a plan for treatment to deal with my various aches and pains associated with my running. Since that first meeting Joanne continued to treat me as I increased my mileage in order to run greater distances which included five half marathons and also my first full marathon. I know I couldn’t have done it without her considerable help. She worked on me from the soles of my feet to the top of my head and everywhere in between.

Joanne demonstrated a very sincere interest in helping me achieve my goals and was always excited about the results of my efforts as well. I found Joanne to be sensitive to the very personal nature of the treatments involved and she was extremely professional every step of the way, as a result I was completely comfortable and able to fully relax in her presence. As an added bonus, her treatment room is a beautiful setting and Joanne is very caring RMT with a terrific sense of humor.  Quite simply, she’s the best!

 - Carolee P.


I remember approaching my first appointment with Joanne with a feeling of hopelessness. I had been suffering from very painful headaches, numbness in my face, pain in my jaw and neck and back pain almost every day for over 20 years because of TMJ syndrome.  I entered the office at JEM Massage Therapy and was welcomed by relaxing music, décor that was calming and at the same time cheerful and a smiling Joanne!

After a couple of appointments I was standing taller, feeling more relaxed and to my great relief having several days in a row with no head or face pain. After only a few months I have more days with no pain than days with pain. The impact that massage therapy has had on my life is hard to describe. I am able to me far more active in all aspects of my life, I have more energy, I sleep better and I am happier every day. It has had an effect on me physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Joanne’s comprehensive knowledge of various massage techniques combined with her professionalism, intuition and warm personality have definitely brought relief from pain, relaxation and healing into my life. Not only do I feel much better, I am hopeful that things will continue to improve.”

- Shannon F.


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